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BOYA BY-HP2 High definition professional headphones for Music monitoring, Mixing Audio-Video, Gaming & Videography. Noise filtering built-in

Model Number
Brand Boya
Colour Black
Connectivity Technology Wired
Model Name BOYA BY-HP2
Form Factor Over Ear

About this item

  • BOYA BY-HP2 is a circumaural ergonomic professional monitoring headphone. High resolution, high performed midrange frequency,and high-fidelity output, that prevents distortion and offer a purely original sound. 300mW maximum input power, compatible with audio recording & post-production to reproduce you every detail of sound.
  • High-fidelity sound quality meant for professionals in broadcasting, podcasting, interview, filmmaking & DJ. Mutil-purpose head phones suitable for high definition Audio-Video, Music Monitoring and gaming.
  • Soft protein skin ear-cushions, High-density ABS material creating an air-like feel of ear cover. Noise filtering and disturbance blockage feature.
  • Driver: 40mm, Frequency Response: 20-40,000Hz, Sensitivity: 98dB, Impedance 60Ω, Maximum Input Power 300mW
  • Detachable cables for 1. Convenience of storage and carrying. 2. Better looking instead of with wire winding 3. Most importantly, left and right bilateral output allows balance output of sound 4. Options to change to other cable according to needs