Our Mission

We, at Dexter Ventures, aim at bringing music to every household of India and the world. Our mission is to make aesthetic and pocket-friendly instruments for musicians of all age groups. We aim to make every creator feel heard beyond the four walls of their house. We believe that music is a journey of self-reflection and thus, strive to be a part of that journey for you.

Music connects each one of us as a whole and builds a community and we, at Dexter Ventures aim to provide everyone with that belongingness. Further, we also wish to enable artists in moving in the right direction by guiding them in the best possible manner. We believe in reviving the old, enjoying the present, and having faith in the future. Keeping this in mind, we have made instruments available for all ages because we believe that music has no age barriers whatsoever.

While our bigger mission is to propagate the melodies sung at home to the world, the journey begins at home. Hence, we aim to make each tune heard in India – from bedrooms to bathrooms to stages to concerts, we believe to reach one goal – “Ab har sur se taal milaega India.”