What is it like dating a guitarist IRL?

What is it like dating a guitarist IRL?

We all dream to be a part of the song “Tumhi Dekho Na” while soft music plays in the background and our eyes meet with that someone we love. And when those eyes meet, we see them holding a guitar in their hand, with the wind blowing against their hair and soft tunes coming out of the strings. This might sound cliché to a few of us but deep down, we know our hearts really lie in these guilty pleasures. But the real question is - is it really so dreamy and beautiful to date a guitarist? Or are there some aspects of which we don’t know? Let’s find out in detail about the pros and cons of dating a guitarist –


You would always wish to be around a guitarist at all times. Of course, they are creative, talented, and fun to be with but there are several other reasons as well –

1. They can play for you – Who wouldn’t wish to have someone by their side who is talented enough to ooze out customized music for you? Guitarists can learn the old tunes, play the new songs and even develop their own music and nothing works best than to be entertained throughout your life with customized concerts.

2. Connected with their thoughts and feelings – Artists, in general, are very connected with their thoughts and feelings, and guitarists, specifically, have a unique way of portraying their feelings. At the most unexpected hour, you can see a song coming for you where they are able to confess everything they wish to in the perfect manner.

3. Romantic beings – Our Bollywood movies have spoilt us for the good. They have taught us how to be romantic in the best possible way and there is no better way to portray a romantic gesture than by holding a guitar in your hand for your beautiful date night. Guitarists wouldn’t mind starting the evening towards a perfect date with a song or two because let’s just unanimously agree, even they know how attractive it looks to the observer.


Who would have thought dating a guitarist would have its cons too? Not us but sadly, there are some. Let’s look at a few –

1. All-time practice – Guitarists are the most dedicated musicians to their art and for them, one practice session can go on for hours with no upper cap. This can hamper the relationship as well because they wouldn’t be able to dedicate enough time to you in some instances.

2. Rough hands – Playing the guitar is not always fun and games and it can be extremely tough at times. Striking the strings again and again results in rough and calloused hands and while the outcome looks great when the music is played, it is not eagerly appreciated during the intimate moments because those rough hands do not give a good sensation on the skin.

According to us the pros outweigh the cons and we hope that we were successful in making you understand the advantages and disadvantages of dating a guitarist so you can successfully take an informed decision.

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